Dot Commercial Driver Certifications


– We complete exams for patients of our practice as well as drivers who see other providers for their regular medical care.

– Our two providers have over 45 years of experience with Washington state and Federal driver certification exams. (Dr. Welsh 27 years, Jeff Boulet PAC 20 years)

– We value the importance of commercial drivers for our communities and economy. We also understand how critical these exams are for the livelihood of our drivers.

– Our staff will work with all drivers to ensure exams are scheduled in a timely fashion while assisting to meet driver work schedules and certification due dates.

– Exams can be scheduled as early as 7am or as late as 6:45pm for drivers convenience.

– Our providers objective is to qualify drivers within the guidelines of the Federal Motor Carriers Safety Administration.

– The most common disqualifications for driver certification exams are high blood pressure and sleep disorders. We work with drivers, making sure they are comfortable and relaxed for recording an accurate resting blood pressure. We strive to understand our drivers sleep habits and any impact they have on safe driving. We do not automatically require expensive sleep studies on drivers based on physical characteristics.

– When drivers can not be certified we will make every effort to complete a temporary certification and outline the steps needed for regular certification.