Medical Triage

Medical Triage

A medical website blog can be a forum to share many different types of communications with patients. Perhaps the most important information to share is how to best navigate the complex health care system during times of urgent medical need.

The process consumers use for medical care can largely be divided into four methods:

1. Go to the Emergency Room:
This is certainly the most cautious decision, but apart from clear emergencies it can be a very frustrating decision for both the patient and the emergency room providers. Emergency room encounters data show high percentages of non emergency care which is both costly and inefficient for patients. Emergency room staff prioritize response to the most critical cases first. A non emergency trip to an emergency room may result in a very long wait time.

2. Look it up online:
There is a plethora of medical information online. There is good information available for most any medial question. The difficulty is knowing which information is right for your situation. If you ask the right question, how do you filter through all the feedback available? Even some good questions can lead you on entirely the wrong path. This option is best for those with a high level of confidence about information technology and medical terminology.

3. Ride it out:
Self corrective properties are one of the marvels about the human body. However one should have complete confidence before deciding to ride out a medical problem. Talking with a medical professional can assist in making a confident choice.

4. Call a medical professional to assist:
This option will likely result in greater confidence and efficiency for resolving your medical needs.
The provider will advise an in person evaluation and the best type of facility to get that exam if needed. When waiting is appropriate they will advise to watch for other signs and symptoms. A second phone consultation is usually encouraged for any significant change in a developing medical issue.

At White River Family Care we have highly qualified medical providers take after hour calls. We help patients decide if they need prompt care before they can be seen in the office during regular hours. We also suggest the best place to seek more immediate care if that is the appropriate choice. This is one of the more important steps to ensure you are getting the best medical care at critical times in your life.

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